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1 - Are we guaranteed to be able to ask the celebrity our question?

Only the customers who purchase a Gold ticket upwards will have the chance, AEW 1 LTD will then contact the lucky ones pre event to organise the timings of when the question will be asked during the event Q and A.

2 - How many questions will be asked by the audience at the event?

There will be 5 - 10 questions asked by the audience, AEW 1 LTD and celebrity interviewer prior to the event will select them.

3 - When will we see the menu for the event?

The menu will be available around a month before the event, just email us and we will send it to you.

4 - I am a vegan, will there be a vegan option?

Not to worry, there will be both vegan and vegetarian options available, we also cater for all other dietary requirements including Halal. Please contact us pre event to make your requirements known.

5 - Do I have to wear Black Tie Attire?

"Yes, our events are strictly Black Tie, however we are flexible with allowing standard black ties rather than dickie bows. Our events are highly exclusive so we want everyone to dress to impress".

6 - Can I wear a red dress?

Of course, dresses do not have to be black. Women are allowed to wear dresses and gowns as long as they look elegant. These can be long or short

7 - Will i be refused entry if I fail to look smart?

Unfortunately yes, our door staff are very strict.

8 - I have a heart condition meaning I cannot be near the doors due to the cold; is it possible to choose which table I will be sitting at?

"Our new booking system allows you to pick your own seats. It is also possible to choose your table location. Please email prior to the event -

9 - Are we allowed to swap seats with anyone from a different table?

Once your table and seat number is allocated it is very difficult for us to move guests to a different location, however we can make exceptions, please email us.

10 - Can we bring cameras into the event to take pictures?

On most occasions you can of course bring your camera to capture our amazing events, please share on social media with the hast tag #ANEXPWITH

11 - If I fall ill on the day, can I receive a refund?

Unfortunately not, attendees may only receive a refund if the event is cancelled or rescheduled by AEW 1 LTD. See our terms and conditions HERE

12 - Can i get a refund if i find out a week after booking my tickets i have a wedding to go to?

Unfortunately not all tickets are non refundable unless cancelled or rescheduled by AEW 1 LTD.

13 - What are the Sponsorship packages options?

Please email for more info.

14 - I am disabled, can my carer get a discount?

Yes, we allow a 50% discount for a carer attending the event.

15 - What time does the event finish?

Our events are usually finished by midnight, with the interview finishing around 11pm, however times are always approximate

16 - Will parking be available at the venue?

Please contact the venue directly

17 - Will there be disabled access for Wheel chairs?

Yes all the venues we work with have excellent disabled access


18 - If I don’t get to the photo area on time, am I still eligible for a refund?

Unfortunately not, clear instructions will come upon purchasing the ticket and instructions will be clear on the night.

19 - Can I take the photo home at the end of the event?

Yes, the photo will be printed immediately and placed in a bag along with your upgrade frame at a separate collection area which you will be guided to by our staff.

20 - Do I have to pay for a second copy of my photo?

A second copy can be printed for free (upon request) contained in a paper sleeve. All purchases will also receive a free digital copy.

21 - If I have a photo with the celebrity, am I allowed to shake their hand?

Yes, you can.

22 - Can I ask the celebrity to sign something?

Unfortunately, there are strictly no signings allowed when having a photo.

23 - When do we go to get our photos taken?

This will take place after the on stage interview with the celebrity at approx. 10.30pm. You will be told clearly by our staff and pre event info packs where you need to be.

24 - How do I get access for my photo?

Upon purchasing the photo upgrade your email confirmation will include a QR code. You will need to print this and present this upon arrival at the venue at our 'Upgrade desk'  Here you will exchange for a wristband and lanyard to enable access after the celebrity comes off stage. 

25 - I have purchased a photo can me and my wife be in the picture?

There can only be 2 in the picture if you have purchased the double picture option.

26 - How long does the photo opportunity last?

Approximately 10-15 seconds. We will have between 120 and 150 guests having photos within a limited amount of time. This is out of our control and is determined by the individual contract agreed with the celebrity.